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 Making good medicine great ... 


Medicines don't work in people who don't take them. Oak Therapeutics increases treatment adherence by reformulating active pharmaceutical ingredients for novel delivery formats that will actually work for patients, especially in pediatrics, geriatrics, and other populations in need of solutions, including veterinary medicine.


Oak Therapeutics is the place to go when you have a drug delivery challenge. We have unique proprietary Oral Thin Film / Oral Dissolvable Strips technology that allows for custom dosing, the highest drug loading in the industry, and tailored dissolution times. We are the “never done before” and “impossible to do” formulation innovators.


At Oak Therapeutics, we have a big vision. Our team is forging a new path “from bench to bedside” that offers patients pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals that are acceptable, affordable and available to everyone. With our innovative approach to drug delivery, we make good medicines great. 

Imagine a child with cancer that won't take its prescribed medicines because they're too bitter. Picture a geriatric patient experiencing severe tremors. Think of a patient with a neurological disease, or even your beloved pets. Up to one quarter of the general adult population, up to 75 percent of stroke patients and people in nursing homes, 80 percent of Parkinson’s patients and children with developmental disorders, and as much as 99 percent of children suffering from cerebral palsy suffer from the inability to swallow tablets or capsules. Globally, every year 6 million children under five years of age die because of the lack of treatment adherence, affordability and accessibility. ​

At Oak Therapeutics, we address these challenges by making medicine easier to take so people take them as directed. We provide proprietary pharmaceutical formulations in a patient-friendly format for populations in need of solutions that work for them, we develop situation-appropriate medicines for our troops, aerospace, and even for our beloved pets. We are the “never done before” and “impossible to do” innovator for drug delivery challenges.​

Market opportunities in this space are significant. The global market for Oral Thin Film / Oral Dissolvable Strips – one of our core capabilities – is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2% in the next 10 years. The market for geriatric and veterinary formulations will experience growth of approximately 7% annually, and the pediatric market will grow at approximately 5%. ​

At Oak Therapeutics, we make good medicine great!​


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