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ED MALISKI, Ph. D., CEO and CSO. As a ‘big pharma veteran’ Ed Maliski knows the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical industry. Ed’s heart breaks when he sees statistics on worldwide childhood deaths, and he wants to change that. Ed is an accomplished research scientist with more than 30 years of experience in the development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products at companies such as Sterling Winthrop Research Institute, Glaxo Research Institute, Merck & Co., and Amgen Inc.

ZACHARY NICOLAY, Senior Research Scientist. Zachary is a pharmaceutical chemist with work experience in analysis via HPLC, Cell Culturing, In Vitro/Vivo Drug assays, Drug Delivery Formulation and Drug Encapsulation. He has received a BS in Nursing from Mid America Nazarene University, a BA in Chemistry from the University of Kansas, and holds an active Pharmacy Technician license with multiple years of experience. Zachary has been instrumental in pushing ODS technology at Oak Therapeutics.

GERHARD APFELTHALER, Ph. D., CBO and CAO. Having lived and worked in multiple countries, Gerhard is our global strategic thinker and the big picture mind of Oak Therapeutics. He has worked as a diplomat in Singapore and the United States, and as an educator and entrepreneur in the United States and Austria. He is a co-founder of AT Consult, CURE Pharmaceutical, and Start-Up Kids, and he mentors a number of start up companies around the world.

CAMERON MCFARLANE, VP Corporate Development. Cameron brings two decades of business and manufacturing experience, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership to Oak Therapeutics. His diverse business acumen, proven track record of managing complex businesses, and providing high-level advisory has helped a diverse client list globally. Cameron prides himself on his ability to view obstacles as opportunities, to seek solutions and strategically and methodically conquering each challenge.

SALLY MALISKI, PhD, RN, FAAN, VP Healthcare Relations. Sally is the Dean and Endowed Professor in Oncology Nursing Research at the University of Kansas School of Nursing; Focuses on treatment-related symptom management and risk minimization for underserved people with cancer.


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LISA ARMITIGE, MD, PhD: Assistant Medical Director, Heartland National TB Center at the University of Texas and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, University of Texas.

ADHAM Fares, DDS, Section Chief, Dentistry and Oral Health, Department of Surgery-Calgary Zone, CAN, acting Division Lead of Adult Hospital Dentistry, and acting Director of the Foothills Hospital Dental Clinic with a focus on medically complex patients, and patients in cancer treatment. 

SARAH FINOCCHARIO KESSLER, PhD, MPH: Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine,  University of Kansas Medical Center. Focuses on new maternal and pediatric HIV innovations.

MICHAEL HAGEMAN, PhD: Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Kansas industry experience at Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer. Expert in physicochemical characterization and preclinical assessment of new chemical entities / small molecule therapeutics.


ELIZABETH LOWENTHAL, MD, MSCE: Pediatrician with expertise in pediatric and adolescent HIV care. Staff physician at the Special Immunology Family Care Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Extensive experience in the treatment of HIV in Africa.

JAMES ROSSMAN: President of JRF Technologies, a leader in the development and manufacturing of edible thin films. Recognized expert on water-soluble polymers with numerous patents.

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