Lisa Armitige, MD, PhD: Assistant Medical Director, Heartland National TB Center at the University of Texas and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, University of Texas.


Sarah Finocchario Kessler, PhD, MPH: Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine,  University of Kansas Medical Center. Focuses on new maternal and pediatric HIV innovations.

Michael Hageman, PhD: Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Kansas industry experience at Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer. Expert in physicochemical characterization and preclinical assessment of new chemical entities / small molecule therapeutics.

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Sally Maliski, PhD, RN, FAAN: Dean and Endowed Professor in Oncology Nursing Research at the University of Kansas School of Nursing; Focuses on treatment-related symptom management and risk minimization for underserved people with cancer.

Carol Nacy, PhD: CEO,Sequella; microbiologist and immunologist focused on the immune response of bacterial and parasitic disease; post-doc work at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research - Department of Rickettsial Diseases.