Oral Dissolvable Strip (ODS)

At Oak Therapeutics, we develop new delivery technologies for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals for human and veterinary applications. At the core of our efforts are Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS) – small, paper-thin strips that are flavor-masked and easily dissolve in the oral cavity. While we have capabilities on a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredinets, we currently focus on the following:


  • Amoxicillin / Antibiotic

  • Electrolytes / Diarrhea

  • Isoniazid / Tuberculosis

  • Maropitant / Anti-Emetic

  • Xerostrip / Dry-Mouth (esp. for cancer patients)



Marketing and distribution benefits of Oak Therapeutics Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS):


  • Attractiveness of a novel delivery technology

  • Difficult to counterfeit and can even be enhanced with QR or bar codes

  • Easier and cheaper to transport

  • Improved stability over, for instance, liquids

  • Cost benefits and local employment opportunities from a distributed manufacturing model


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