Oral Dissolvable Strip (ODS)

Pharmaceutical Gummy

At Oak Therapeutics, we developed new delivery technologies for pharmaceuticals. At the core of our efforts are Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS) – small, paper-thin strips that are flavor-masked - and gummies. Because of our primary emphasis on pediatric and prenatal care for the developing world, we currently focus on the following products:


  • Diarrhea: Oral Rehydration Therapy Supplement

  • Tuberculosis: Isoniazid

  • Malaria: Artelutrine (TM) (Artemether-Lumefrantine)

  • Antibiotic: Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole

  • River blindness: Ivermectin

  • Pre-natal care: Folic Acid

  • Pre-natal and pediatric care: Vitamin A, D, B Complex

  • Pain (topical): Benzocaine 

  • Anti-allergy: Diphenhydramine

  • and many more…



Marketing and distribution benefits of Oak Therapeutics Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS):


  • Attractiveness of a novel delivery technology

  • Difficult to counterfeit and can even be enhanced with QR or bar codes

  • Easier and cheaper to transport

  • Improved stability over, for instance, liquids

  • Cost benefits and local employment opportunities from a distributed manufacturing model


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