All of us at Oak Therapeutics are extremely proud to announce that we just concluded initial preclinical testing of our anti-malarial medication ArtelutrineTM. ArtelutrineTM is a reformulation of a highly effective, World Health Organization (WHO)-approved combination therapy of the active ingredients Artemether and Lumefrantine using our novel, proprietary delivery system, oral dissolvable strips (ODS).

ArtelutrineTM ODS will be used in the treatment of malaria – a disease that kills close to 700,000 people annually, most of them children under five years of age. Another 165 million annually contract malaria, which constitutes a major burden on entire economies in Africa and Asia.

In these preclinical studies, we proved that our ODS delivery system delivers the same dose of active ingredients as the best anti-malarial product currently on the market. Ed Maliski, our founder and Chief Science Officer, said “These results confirm what we have believed all along, that Oak Thereapeutics’ ODS formulations can deliver pharmaceuticals as effectively as traditional delivery systems, but in a format that will improve adherence and access to these life-saving medications worldwide”.

This is a big milestone, and now we're in the planning phase for human trials.

#malaria #oraldissolvablestrips #oralthinfilm #thirdworld #children

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