Oak Therapeutics has taken a fresh look at patient adherence. Children, for instance don’t like to take syrups or tablets as they are often perceived as bitter-tasting or difficult to swallow. As a result, particularly in the developing world, millions of children are still dying from diseases that are easily treatable such as pneumonia, malaria, tuberculosis, or diarrhea. At Oak Therapeutics, we are therefore developing new delivery technologies for pharmaceuticals. At the core of our efforts are Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS) – small, paper-thin strips that are flavor-masked. Our ODS improve patient adherence and access in a variety of ways:


Improved patient adherence from Oak Therapeutics' Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS):


  • Easily dissolves in mouth 

  • Hides bad or bitter taste of medicines

  • Easy to take without water or liquids 

  • Often faster acting 

  • More active medicine than any of our competitors 

  • Can be delivered even when the patient is unconscious


Oak Therapeutics ODS are superior to similar products through our ability to embed high doses of active ingredients on them. At the moment, we can load up to 140mg on each strip, and we are currently in the process of developing a 300mg ODS for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Marketing and distribution benefits of Oak Therapeutics' Oral Dissolvable Strips (ODS):


  • Attractiveness of a novel delivery technology

  • Difficult to counterfeit and can even be enhanced with QR or bar codes

  • Easy and cheaper to transport

  • Improved stability over, for instance, liquids

  • Cost benefits and local employment opportunities from a distributed manufacturing model